This website has been produced to tell you about the Castle Hill Archaeology Project (CHAP) supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund.

The Cooke e-Learning Foundation, working in partnership with the ‘Friends of Castle Hill Country Park‘ and with support from Leicester City Council, has been successful in logogaining a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund to form the Castle Hill Archaeology Project (CHAP).

The project involves the identification of buildings and sites of historical importance, which it is hoped will be collated onto a map and website created for the Beaumont Leys community in order to share our heritage with others.

The project will be shared with schools and local community groups to raise awareness of the history of Castle Hill Country Park. This will take the form of talks to small groups and displays. We hope that, by explaining the outcomes of the project, schools will be inspired to visit the site and encourage children and young people to take more interest in their local heritage.

We hope this website will explain the project to a wider audience. It will also be publicised in the local media to reach a countywide audience. This may inspire other groups to contact us to share their local history projects and help strengthen their wider community networks. Participants will have the opportunity to develop new skills whilst others as experienced amateur archaeologists will be able to support people on a one to one basis as mentors.

Residents, acting as volunteers, will be able to record memories and stories of people who have lived and worked in the area, document information about significant buildings and sites of interest.HLFlogo